Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make Money by Joining a Group or Mastermind

On the weekend I went to a group meeting with 13 other people interested in making money.

Why? There are plenty of reasons to go to meetings like this: connect with like minded people, learn ideas about creating wealth, expand your network of make-it-happen contacts, get ideas moving into fruition with the help of others, and to help others on their own wealth journey!

I think everyone who decides to make money in their life experiences opposition from somewhere, whether it be friends, family, work colleagues, or their old habits and mental conditioning. Whatever the source, connecting with like minded people can help you overcome that opposition. It ads fuel to your engine to make the journey a lot easier.

Mastermind groups are spoken about often in the personal development industry, but I think it's only once you actually experience one for yourself that you see the real benefit. People talk about them a lot but only a few actually do something about it. So if you feel like you're the only one you know doing property, shares, business, Internet marketing, or whatever it is you're doing, what can you do?

1. Search the Internet for groups near you
2. Google experts in your area- many have groups and followings who meet often, you might be able to join in
3. Join a mentor program which usually involves networking with like minded people. If there isn't a group all ready you can form your own group with the contacts you make
4. Go through all the people you know and ask yourself who is interested in what you're doing? You may have heard them talk about it once but have since forgotten. You can invite these people to join a group you make, once you check that they actually are interested

The most important thing is that when you meet as a group the meetings are uplifting and focused around your goal of making money, or whatever your goal is. Briefly mention challenges you're going through and see if any of the group members have any suggestions. Focus on progress and results, keep the conversation constructive. Be open to any new ideas, don't criticize anybody. Keep minutes and an agenda to keep you on track. Have a purpose before you begin.

Following these steps will help you have successful mastermind meetings and supercharge you on your journey to creating wealth and happiness in your life.

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