Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bob Proctor's insights help us Make Money

Today I listened to Six Minutes to Success, a video program by Bob Proctor. One of the things I learned about today was the negative emotions of hatred, revenge and jealousy and the impact they have on money making.

For example, when you think hateful thoughts about someone, who is experiencing the hate? You are. The person you are thinking about doesn't know. But you get in the vibration of that hate and you feel it. You. And if you believe in the law of attraction, you know that the feelings you are in harmony with are the things you bring to yourself.

According to Bob jealousy and revenge are not necessary either. In fact they distract us from our goals, they take us in the opposite direction. In fact getting even never helped anyone.

So what does this have to do with making money? Well when we realize the negative effect these negative emotions have on our ability to make money and have good things in our lives, it's easy to decide to move on. We can free up our minds to focus on much more powerful things like our goals and visions, how we want to do good in the world, what impact we can have in our own lives and the lives of our friends and family.

Let's all decide today to ensure we hold good feelings about ourselves and others. Then we can focus on building wealth and succeed!

Learn more about Bob's Six Minutes to Success by getting a FREE video or by reading about it.

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