Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Would you want to Make Money?

Why do I want to make money? Why do you want to make money? It's not about the cash. I am currently reading "Cracking the Millionaire Code" by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. They say

"We don't encourage anyone to love money. We encourage everyone to love the good that money can do."

Think about it:

How many people could you help with a spare million dollars each year? What service could you give? How many starving people could you feed? How many homeless people could you shelter? Could you show them how to make it for themselves?

What sort of home and lifestyle could you have for yourself?

How could you help your children, family and friends?

How much time could you give to those you love?

What could you do to help others knowing you never have to worry about money again?

Money is not about having the most cash in the world, it is about taking care of yourself, those around you and helping people. That is where real wealth is.

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